Dialog System

Build AI assistants that really help customers. Boost customer experience, automate and scale the chat conversations on your digital estates.

Increase sales, reduce costs and automate support on any channel

Dialog System is a natural language understanding and dialogue management platform that makes it easy to design and integrate a conversational user interface into your mobile app, web application, device, existing bot, text-to-speech response system, and so on. Using Ionkom Dialog System, you can provide new and engaging ways for users to interact with your digital or physical products.

Ionkom dialog system

Get more and better leads

Engage with prospects 24/7. Our customer engagement average is 46%. Get your team collaborating and taking action, seamlessly transferring conversations from bot to human, and back.

Increase sales

Scale your efforts without increasing employee headcount. Get up to 80% open rates and 10X CTR compared to email with a bot campaign. Be where your customers are with one continuous conversation across channels

Automate FAQs

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. Keeps the conversation balanced and adds proactivity when it is needed. Drive more engagement and deliver better customer experiences at scale with slot-based dialog management.

Competitive Advantagees

Be present where your customers are

Engage customers on the most popular messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Line, SMS, WeChat, and more. Everything happens in real-time, with your users' choices conditioning the journey.

Enterprise-ready, available on premise

We provide the infrastructure and take care of the hard work so you can focus on building an amazing product and user experience. The service is ready to be deployed in existing commercial applications and can scale with enterprise quality and performance. The service meets international compliance standards, supports unlimited API calls, making it highly accessible in your organization.


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