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Helpful products for everyone

While you are outside with friends, let us do the boring tasks for you. As our mission states, we want to give our users more time for themselves, to achieve this goal we offer a lot of free tools. Explore all products below.


Chatbot and Text Understanding

AI models designed to identify valuable information in conversations, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) interprets user goals (intents) and derive valuable information from sentences (entities).

  • Extract semantic entities like locations, persons, events - Free NLU (Natural Language Understanding) - Get Product
  • Ionkom Assistant demo - Get Product
  • Precision Geo Location - soon


Precise weather forecast using artificial intelligence.

Ionkom Weather presents:
  • Current weather conditions wherever you are, the app use your device's location or IP geolocation
  • Discover meteorological conditions for specific places (country/city/populated area) for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, România, Switzerland.
Explore Ionkom Weather App
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Visual AI Reading

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can recognize and extract text from images. Fast deep learning models are ready to capture data from documents instantly. Reduce turnaround times and the manual entry effort required.

  • Read text from images - Free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) - Get Product
  • ID card OCR - coming soon
  • Invoice OCR - coming soon
computer vision
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Office and Business Automation

Using a combination of our services we can fully automate your work, contact us to find how.

Robot Process Automation (RPA) has grown a lot in the last years but what it promises is not really achievable without another team with specialized expertise.

We propose a traditional App-API-App approach that avoids the traditional RPA overhead, in many cases the majority of automation tasks can be achievable with a couple of scripts and of course a central orchestrator for scheduling.

Do exactly the same job using programming scripts but cheap and headcount efficient.